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M. G. Sanaei was born in Dubai, UAE, on May 26, 1986 where he began his schooling. In 2005 Sanaei continued his education at Islamic University Branch of Dubai, UAE in the field of Software Engineering to achieve associate degree. After obtaining associate degree in 2007, he was accepted as bachelor student in the field of Software Engineering at one of branches of Islamic University in Sharjah one of the cities of UAE and graduated in 2009. One years later he moved to Malaysia to continue his education as a Master of Computer Science student at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, located in Johor Bahru province in field of information security. In 2013, he got his master degree. Due to his deep interest in research and administrative activities, he got position as academic staff in the Dorma Journals Publication Center (DJPC) located in Dubai, one of cites of United Arab Emirates. During his activities in DJPC he could realize his ideas of establishing several scientific journals. Due to his efforts and successes he could have a good progress in his position. Now, he works in Dorma Journals Publication Center as head of this center.


Dorma Trading, Est. Publishing Manager, Diera. P.O.Box: 8433 Dubai - United Arab Emirates (UAE) | Tel: +971507580755
E-mail: editor@dormaj.com